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Entertain…and having fun while doing it! 

The whole entertaining thing doesn’t have to conjure up images of hours upon hours in the kitchen, stressed out for days, trying to find ingredients you’ve never heard of and crossing fingers that last minute preparations will yield pleasant results. I have learned over the years that stressing over a large menu of complicated preparations is always a bad idea. I now follow the “less is more” theory by choosing items that are simple to prepare, can be done ahead of time for the most part. For quick and stress-free menu items I often take old favorites and add a new twist to freshen it up. Some items may not even require preparations, but more so assembly, like a cheese platter. A few olives, honey, toasted almonds and dried fruit, alongside some nice cheese and crackers and you are done. The bottom line is… leave as little preparation for last minute as possible. Plan your menu with this in mind! I also invite each of my guests to bring one dish they would like to share… taking even more stress off my shoulders. After all a table of food prepared by a variety of people is always exciting to see and enjoy and it even inspires more conversation.  
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Garlic, The Sweet Breath of Life!

What says I love you more than a gift of garlic. After all, research has shown that garlic may be beneficial to our health in a multitude of ways including lowering blood lipid levels, anti-blood coagulation, anti-hypertension, anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-microbial effects as well as stimulating the liver and preventing the common cold. So all of this is pretty darn convincing as to why we should consuming garlic in our diet. The deal is, I eat garlic with little consideration of its health benefits and every consideration to its flavor benefits. read more